Friday, August 13, 2010

The Unfolding of Love

Recently I had the opportunity to observe the blooming of a Century Plant.Very interesting growth pattern. And the term "pattern" is a good one here, as this is exactly what I observed. First, a pattern is " imprinted" on the stalk. Almost like a line drawing. Slowly, over days, the lines become "real" as the stalk slowly turns, and the lines become separations, and slowly unfold into leaves, stems and future unfolding flowers.

Pictures I have seen of Human babies developing in the womb offer a similar "pattern". Fingers appear as little flower like "buds" which unfold into delicate little hands, beginning as nothing but lines and "patterns".

So it is too with the "patterns" we observe in our minds. First just ideas; the "patterns". Then the separation, and on to the unfolding "reality" of the "I AM". Once the "I AM" unfolds, the entire manifestation unfolds with it.

This "unfolding" is the constant movement of the Love that creates. Thoughts are created, and taken as one's "own". A body is created, and taken as one's own. A tree is observed, and seen as separate from the observer. All there is creation, and observation. No need for an Observer here. No need for a body. Not even a need for a thought. Just the creation and observing happen, spontaneously, and the "objects" appear with the creation and observing.

This unfolding Love is what we ARE. Not the objects, just the Love. "We" unfold like the Century Plant, like the fetus, but not as objects created from a line drawing, slowly unfolding as "real". But as the unfolding reality; ever unfolding, ever creating Love.

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