Thursday, June 23, 2011

Expressions of Love

Like the reflection of the moon in the water, objects, including our own "image " are reflections or "expressions " of the one reality. The refection of the moon in the water is not the moon, but is neither an illusion, nor appears separate from the moon.

We, as well as the entire universe, are expressions or reflections of the one reality; Love. The inadequacy of the illustration of the reflection of the moon in the water is that, in this illustration, the moon and water are separate. In Love , the expressions, including ourselves, reflect in the stillness of Love itself.

In Love unfolding, the creative power of Love expresses itself through the creation of "expressions ". In the illustration of the moon/water, the water is either still or in motion. When there is stillness the moon is reflected, as it is. In Love/expression, the "expressions " are either still or in motion. The "stillness " of the expression is seen in the purity of the expression, as in a "tree ".

A tree grows, fruits, produces seeds and dies. This is what it does. It makes no decisions as to where it grows, how it grows, or what fruit it will produce. This is all part of potential. Not the "tree's" potential, but potential itself. There is no conflict. There is not even a need for "acceptance " on the part of the tree, as there is never any resistance to the potential. If only that were the case with us.

To return to the moon/water metaphor, we see that wind and other disturbances to the surface of the water cause waves and ripples which distort the image of the moon reflected there. This creates the "illusion " of an object, "like " the moon, but a distortion of it. In Love/expression, the waves and ripples are the thoughts of fear and separateness that distort the reflection of what we are in stillness; expressions of Love. When we take ourselves to be "different " from Love itself, seeing ourselves as the waves and ripples instead of Love's expression, we lose clear sight of Love itself, the reflection being distorted.

The waves and ripples which we take ourselves for, begin with the thought "I am ", and grow in to a tsunami of ideas, worlds and universes. With each new thought that arises that we identify with; likes, dislikes, that which we call "good" or "bad", all form together into the false identity of "us ". Just as the moon's reflection is distorted by the waves and ripples on the water, "our " image can become distorted from a still expression of Love into jealousy, greed, and even hate. The more we identify with the waves and ripples instead of the stillness itself from which they arise, the further away from our true nature we imagine ourselves.

Only by seeing the waves and ripples as expressions/reflections only, without independent existence, can we see that the whole is one seamless piece; all "reality ", all "illusion " appearing together. In the metaphor of moon/water, all we need do is look up from the refection to see the moon as it is. As expressions of Love, we must stop identifying with the waves and ripples of the expression (fear, anger, disappointment, etc.) and "look up " to the silent, stillness of Love that we are expressions of. We are Life itself. We are Love itself.


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