Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just the Beginning

Non-Dualists spend a lot of time thinking, philosophizing, and attending satsang. Although, I have never attended a satsang, I am guilty of the other two. In fact, when it comes to philosophizing, I have appointed myself a "teacher". But it is not really philosophy I "teach ", as that is not where my expertise lies. It is Love I share.

The particular "incident " that brought about the absolute conviction that there was only Love here, where this "Bill " used to be, is of no real importance. What matters is how will there be "pointing " to that, which has become the unfolding found here.

I believe that one of the "stumbling blocks " to awakening is the fear of Love itself. I don't mean a fear of the emotion "love" , but the "power " we sense. If we have been called to seek, not just to solve a "problem " or seek peace of mind, but a true calling that won't let us alone, it is Love calling itself to "seek " . We are called to enter into the "play of Love "; the call, the search, the awakening. Everything, including the mind and the "things " are part of that play.

One of the scariest, trickiest, and ultimately rewarding things we must do is to integrate our "selves " "lives " and "spirituality " into One. We need to understand that all this talk of illusions andappearances, as apposed to "the real " is simple duality. The appearances and illusions, stem from, and are inseparable from the Absolute. In the expressions of the Absolute, I am no judge as to "real " and "unreal ". Falling into acceptance, all is One.

Accepting the "realities " of pain, disappointment, and grief, as presented to this "illusory person ", are part of the real. The "illusory person " plays his part in this play of Love. We can't separate our "spiritual " side from our "body/mind " side, as they are one integral piece.

In the beginning, we learn that the mind is in control, and that it must be understood, ignored, and eventually put into it's place. This is self inquiry; the search for the "I am ". Once the "I am " is recognized, the scary part I referred to above occurs. We now have to integrate this "knowledge " with "life as it is ". They are really one thing, but by now we have isolated the mind, and it must be welcomed back into the fold.

This "switch " of the mind from master to servant is really the whole of the play of Love. But this is what many fear. It is much easier to stay in "awareness "; to empty the mind. This is a safe place. Silence. Peace. Awareness. This sounds comforting to the mind, and this is where many, if not most, get "stuck ". Somewhere along the line, life must "re-integrate ".

It's no big trick, master calculation, or philosophical conundrum, it's a "gut " thing; an act of "Grace ". But it requires more than "human " courage. It requires a surrender of courage. A helplessness that surrenders even the thought of redemption. A trust without option. Being willing to be absorbed into all that is, losing the individual, and gaining the "all", without "knowing " it, just being it. And then the trick remains to bring the "mind ", "personality", and all the illusory "stuff " into the understanding. This is how emptiness "dances " to paraphrase Adayashanti.

Ramana Maharshi, went into a deep state of Samadhi in his teens. Had he not have been found and cared for by devotees, he might have died. It took Ramana time to integrate his awakening with the "life " around him, and he began to speak again. Isolating yourself into a "corner " of awareness, no matter how blissful, or "aware" separates what you are. Just because the wave sees that it is part and parcel of the ocean, does not mean it's "life " as a wave is over. This discovery is just the beginning.


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