Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Open Invitation

I was asked in an interview about my impression of Nisargadatta Maharaj's tossing people out of his little mezzanine room, and whether that showed love, or something else. My response was that maybe on some days Nisargadatta was a bit cranky. He was quite elderly by the late seventies and eighties, and I can understand that.

There is also the likelihood that he often felt that those who came only to "test " him, or find an intellectual answer or argument were not earnest enough to waste everyone's time on. In his later years, Nisargadatta wanted to stick to the basics, the very heart of the matter, not engage in verbal rhetoric.

As I put up my little notes, I often get among the loving responses, these same kinds of people seeking to "test ", argue and quibble. Many of these are educated people who are out to prove their own vision is "clearer " or that they can use words more skillfully or succinctly. This is of no matter here. I am a simple man, with no high school or collage degree. I do not have the words of the academic. I am not a scholar. What I understand has been placed in my heart, and from there I write and speak.

I am Love. I speak only as Love. I will not say I am "enlightened ", as I have always been as I am. I lived in the "big picture" from the time I was born. I have always lived with the understanding that I am not of this world. I have described elsewhere my "awakening " experience, and other "events " that are of little importance. All these things; the reading, the prayer, contemplation have only confirmed what was always present; I am Love.

I am no different than you. I appear to you out of your "dream " to tell you to look, see, that you are Love only. The "persons", "teacher", "seeker" are only expressions of Love. I speak of "Love unfolding ". This is not something I have heard and repeat, but what is seen here. That wonder, that blessing is what is being conveyed. I have nothing more to say or teach, and nothing to argue about. So far, I have not "tossed " anyone out (unfriended) for simply arguing, though it is tedious, when I am only sharing Love which can be accepted or not. It is only entertainment or a desire to show off your "knowledge " to argue with one who offers only Love. I will not argue with you.

I am mostly silent. All my life, I have been described as a "quite " person. I have always lived for the "not of this world " truth. This has been costly in "human " terms. Psychological breakdowns, forced institutionalizations, not being "social " enough to stay in school, have been my "reward " for living by "not of this world " truth. I often wonder what would have happened to Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Teresa, , or Ramakrishna, had they been forced to live in modern, Western society.

But this is it, isn't it? Many of us do live in modern society, and we attempt to find "truth " while still being part of it. We get educations. Can you believe it, that some PhD's actually argue with me, andbecome sarcastic? I simply tell them what is seen here, and I am drowned in sarcastic intellect. It is so funny. Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Teresa and Ramakrishna are my brothers and sister. We smile at each other, and understand. I don't agree with some, or in some cases, many of their "words ", but their hearts and mine beat in unison and Love.

As long as we hold that a place in society is important, are unwilling to give without reward or assurances of tomorrow, and feel the need to argue instead of be silent in the face of Love, we are simply spinning our wheels, and playing at "seeking " or "enlightenment ", which are, after all, only words we have heard.

Many of you may say, "he is just an uneducated buffoon playing at being a "teacher ".", and will unfriend and run away before anyone sees you associating with the like of me. And this is fine. I know nothing. I can tell you nothing. I can only say, you are Love unfolding, explore it for yourself. I am Love only, calling you out of your "dream". After all the pain, I can only reach out to you and say, I am the little boy who always trusted. I am trust itself. I am Love. Remove the superfluous, stand naked in life, and join me. It's an open invitation.


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