Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enjoy the Show

If I told you that the universe was unfolding right in front of you, and past, present and future are being played out right here, right now, completely outside of time, how would you react? Perhaps with understanding, but more likely, confusion.

This, of course, is what is happening. The appearances continue, even to the "enlightened ", only the "enlightened " see them for what they are. The thoughts, impressions and manifestations are all just the play of the Absolute Loving. Not Loving, as in "making love", but being in a state of "Loving ".

All of this "Loving "; thinking, manifesting and leaving impressions creates a lot to absorb for a linear mind. It all happens at once, the past and future being projected out of the present. The mind cannot think that way. In fact, it is just the opposite of how the mind thinks. The mind wants linear order and time is created to give the appearance of duration. Past and future become the way to explain anything; what was, what is, and if all else fails, what will be.

The mind, bless it, performs these wonderful feats of creation in an instant. An instant "object " in an instant "present ", needs the creation of an instant "past " to explain it's "existence" in the first place. And then an instant "future" must be created for the duration, and potential improvement of the object. All very confusing, and funny as hell, by the way.

This play; the creation of this "story ", with past, present and future, happens so quickly, and seems so natural almost from the beginning, that we get "into the program " so quickly that we may not recognize it for years. As we "awaken" to new truths and experiences, it may seem a bit, perhaps a lot, confusing. To awaken one day, and see it all unfolding, as it is, not just the appearances, may be a bit overwhelming for some, if not all.

I suffered for years during my early adulthood with panic attacks. Almost always occurring when around crowds, these embarrassing attacks would take form in anything from the inability to breath to simple, but sometimes spectacular fainting. Too many times I found myself coming to on the sidewalk or on a department store carpet surrounded by my Partner and way too many curious strangers.

Finding these were caused by stress and extreme anxiety, a psychiatrist recommended watching for "danger signals". These "danger signals" are "triggers"; little thoughts that start a cycle of memories and newly "minted" thoughts that fit in to the pattern already established. It's a kind of a setup that sets off the panic attack, even before there is a "reason". To short circuit the panic attack requires catching it at that "trigger" .

This can apply to spirituality as well. If we learn to catch the little triggers that set the mind to creating appearances, we can see through the appearances, and eventually learn to simply enjoy the show. This requires understanding that past and future are part and parcel of the "present". A step outside of time, even for an instant, allows for freedom from the tyranny of time. The mind will always "try to make sense" out of the appearances it believes it sees, just like an idle mind will try to make an "object" out of the abstract pattern in the wallpaper.

Life is really about simply enjoying the show. The show follows a basic plot, but may not be understood by the mind. Free will is only an appearance. Love, in an unfolding flow, creates the objects that appear to "do" the actions. The "objects" then take it upon them selves, (cheeky little devils!) to think they are the "doer", and that the "actions" come from them. Again, this is funny as hell!

When I was a boy, the British Cinema, particularly it's comedies, had a reputation for being enigmatic, and something needing close scrutiny. "Don't try to get all the jokes, get into the flow of the damn thing". Life is like that. We don't need to get all the jokes. We probably wouldn't like many of them anyway. Getting "into the flow" shouldn't be that hard either. Lie gently on your back and float. Down woodside stream or ghetto gutter, the flow goes on, and we are more than carried with it. We come to realize that we are it.

Grab a bag of Popcorn, lie gently on your back and float. Get into the "flow" and most of all enjoy the show!


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