Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Exquisite Frustration.

Emotions are at least as much distrusted in non-dual conversation, as are thoughts. But these emotions that we can define, explain, and illustrate are also just more thoughts, only now attached to a "feeling " for further separation.

I think that emotions are one of the often misunderstood, but key elements in the "spiritual search ". Unfortunatley the "emotions " become something to "watch out " for, rather than something to experience. This is a grave mistake.

As one who experienced a good deal of psychiatric confusion as a kid, I learned to look closely at emotions and "feelings " as they arose, and arise. This had a strange "double " effect. While on the one hand, it separated me from my peers, I was able to understand why they acted as they did, and also why they reacted to me, in the way they did. Learning early on, how your behavior seems to affect others, and how it all stems from one source is a valuable lesson.

Emotions, like thoughts, are not separate from their source. The source of all "emotion", "spirit", "feeling" is in Love itself. Before I go on any further, let me express what I am calling "Love " here.

Love is not a "feeling ", but it is also. Love is not an "emotion ", but the emotion is in it. Love is all there is. Call it the Absolute, Enlightened Awareness, The One, but try not to call it "God ". For "God " is another image, concept, idea complete! While, "Love " is also a concept, it is a "nebulous " one.

This is why I am defining my concept of "Love ". Love is that which unfolds into life. An ever present stillness onto which life is projected and observed. Emotions, like thoughts, arise from that stillness. These thoughts, stored as memory, will repetedly play back if we allow them to. Otherwise there are only fresh thoughts, floating through, leaving no trace but the pleasure of observation. The same is true for emotion.

Memory thoughts can trigger "memory emotion ", a "reliving " of a past "experience ". These remembered emotions are as strong as the "original " emotions, and are "played back " as the same "feelings " as the "original ". These are the "emotions " we need to expose, understand and watch vanish.

As I have explained elsewhere in my Notes, all emotions, from the most sublime to the most base, arise in Love only, and are simply distorted and perverted by the desire to make a universal into a "personal ". Love is only what it is when it is not attached to a "person ", even "God ". Love as "spirit" is what we "are". The body/mind is simply Love's "expression ". The unfolding of Love itself not only creates both the body/mind to express love, but the "objects " of it's affection as well. There are no objects; no "things ", just the Love expressed through them.

Just as medieval man observed light to be a "physical " manifestation of spirit, so it is that Love is that same spirit, abiding as everything. Emotions, just like thoughts, arise from the core of the source, They are there, and they are real. While the ripples on the surface of the water, are a "temporary " manifestation, they are "real " while they have an appearance. We would be indeed foolish to ignore a "temporary " hurricane. To ignore a "temporary " emotion, may also be a rejection of what is.

Even in a "realized " person, there will arise the "feelings " of bodily dis-ease. Emotions, even expressed strongly, are no less a part of the sage, than any other body/mind. A sage is living in the heart, we can expect some emotion. Love will flow freely, but any blockages encountered, will be met with an equal determination. You can't stop a sage who comes at you with Love. He will steal your heart, and brake it simultaneously.

Just as we learn to navigate shallow waters by understanding the hidden rocks that make the waves appear in the first place, emotions guide us in a world of pure "feeling"; an understanding without "knowledge". You can't explain Love to me. Either my concept or your concept lose their meaning, as well they should. But we can "feel " Love. I can look at you and laugh. I can see the Love and joy in your eyes, but I can't explain it. It is an exquisite frustration.


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