Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peace of Heart

I have written about this point again and again, but find that it can't be mentioned enough; the Call. I'm not talking about some "call " from "God ", or a "pull " toward something, but a constant drive that leads you, often in spite of yourself.

So often we hear about gaining "peace of mind " through spirituality. Visions of bliss and silence fill the mind, but this is where this idea of "peace of mind " belongs, in the mind. The nagging we feel, if we are truly "called ", is a tugging at the heart. In this case, only "peace of heart " will do.

It is the heart that is the observer of Love. The mind tries in vain to organize Love, but the heart watches it unfold in complete trust. No judgment, that's the mind's job. No matter how "peaceful ", the mind will continue to try to "organize", for that is the dualistic nature of the mind, and thought itself.

If the "call " is from Love, calling to itself, then it is a "call " to the heart. This does not bring "peace of mind ", in fact it recognizes that "peace of mind " is a desire of the mind, and one that can only be satisfied by it's elimination. It is only when we live for the whole of Love itself, seek it for itself, that we follow our "call ". Try to use "spirituality " or "the search " for personal gain, even "peace of mind ", and you will bury yourself in the search.

There must be more than a desire to "make things better ", or "improve life ". We must seek more than our idea of "truth", or yoking with "God". The pull to Love toward itself is the only power that can make it, cross the line and bring "you " home. Your own desires, no matter how desperate, or sincere will not do it. "Peace of mind ", and any ideas of it, must be abandoned, and replaced with acceptance. There may be peace of mind, or not. With "peace of heart ", peace of mind becomes irrelevant.


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