Saturday, May 28, 2011


I use the term "unfolding " a good deal in my writing. It is a term widely used by many other spiritual writers as well. I can not explain why it is used by others, but it is easy to explain here; it is how things appear.

I don't have any vision of "destiny", "predestination ", or "karmic action ", "heaven " or "hell ", or any of that nonsense. I see, swirling all around, unfolding potential. I once described this unfolding potential as being like the "perpetual unfolding of a perpetual rose". Always in movement; a dance of Love, always fresh with dew; ever morning.

The tiny hands of the child in the womb, unfold like the petals of the flower, or the needles of the pine. Think of the enfoldment of the forest in the seed, the world in the Love of God.

Unfolding from between the soft hiding places of Father's coat, we sally forth, safe in Love. Imagining mountains and valleys in the unfolding of the sheets and blankets around our toes, life is unfolding in one sensuous, awkward, bumbling pirouette.


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