Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are not the Dancers, We are the Dance!

In non-duality, we tend to think of the concept of the "other " as the very heart of duality. Of course the "I am " thought is actually the culprit here, the concept of the "other " not being possible without it.

Both the "I am " thought and the thought of the "other" arise in one movement of Love. This unfolding movement of potential, although completely unexplainable, expresses itself in the "I am " and "other " thoughts. These expressions are "innocent ". By innocent, I mean that they have no "independent existence " of there own, being only "expressions " of the unfolding reality.

There is nothing "wrong " with the expressions, no matter their ultimate illusory quality. They are "real" in their place in the relative. "Understanding ", or "awareness " is really a matter of "seeing " the "real" and the "illusory " mingle together in the oneness of life. The mind can seem a deceiving enemy like the "snake" in the Garden, lying in wait to snare the innocent seeker, but this is not so.

The mind and the heart both have a place in the oneness that we are. They are not separate, but again, function as one movement . This is something we can not emphasize too often; everything, past, present and future, unfold together in one unfolding of potential. The mind recognizes the "search ", and more significant, it recognizes the "importance " of the search. It has no details, which it would dearly love to have. The more complicated the details the more work for the mind, and the mind is a workaholic.

Without details; "facts" the mind can mull over, the mind goes either into "imagination " or "silence ". In the play land of imagination, memories of "past expressions " are played back as if new. Some are strung together in creative ways to form whole new fantasies, emotions, and "experiences ". Imagination, no matter how "spiritual " it is, is just a clown show that "makes up " new "acts " with every thought.

If the mind goes into silence, a real silence of both mind and heart, then both heart and mind are open to "learning " from that silence. This is a learning that the heart understands, but the mind, while "sensing " the presence of the "learning ", is unable to express. Sensing the presence of the "awesomeness " of this "learning ", the mind assumes it's natural place as servant to the heart. This is the restoration of balance. Instead of allowing the mind to "run the show ", which is the typical way, the mind is seen clearly, and respected for what it is.

Instead of treating the mind like it was an enemy, let the mind study, meditate, and tire itself of all the extraneous thoughts. Thoughts can be amusing, entertaining and educational! It's just a matter of seeing them for what they are. When the mind gets tired of playing in imagination, and goes silent, then the real "learning " takes place. It is here we begin to see the "other "; that indispensible "companion expression" to our "I am" , as simply part of the same dance.

There is only the One unfolding, all apparent objects being "expressions" of that one silent movement. We cannot separate ourselves from this movement. The "other ", whether something we love, or something we wish we had never seen or heard of, is part of the same movement. Both the "other " and the "I am " are companions; partners in this dance we call life. So take to the floor, spin, unwind, unfold. We are not the dancers, we are the Dance!


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